Since 1924 Nuova Filp S.r.l. has been dealing its products under the trademark Stella Bianca. The company was founded in 1888 near Turin to manufacture, as the first in Italy, files and other hand and rotary tools of the best quality. Since then we have been remaining faithful to this aim and now, thanks to our age-old experience, Stella Bianca is one of the most known and widespread trademarks in Italy and in the world.

Stella Bianca planing knives have high quality and are available in a range of models among the most complete on the market. Thanks to our great manufacturing flexibility, we are also able to offer knives for multipurpose or portable machines and industrial blades realised starting from a drawing or a model supplied by the customer. For this reason, Stella Bianca planing knives are the best choice whether for industry or for professional and DIY men.

Please, ask for our products to your retailer and he will satisfy your request. If you get problem in finding them, contact us directly.

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